Melts ice and snow down to -25°C

  • Quick and effective
  • Kinder to the surface than normal thawing salt
  • User-friendly – no dust = no irritated skin
  • Excellent dust-suppressant on gravel paths etc.

About sMELT

Just as the name suggests, sMELT effectively melts ice and snow right down to -25°C. sMELT is fast-acting and is kind to most surfaces compared to normal thawing salt. Besides melting snow and ice, sMELT is also ideal for suppressing dust on gravel paths, riding tracks, tennis courts etc.


30-100 ml per m² depending on temperature and thickness of the ice, before or after snowfall. 5 litres cover up to approx. 180 m².

sMELT is supplied in 5 L tubs.