Keeps ants and other creepy crawlies away

  • Pests cannot build up a tolerance
  • A purely natural product - 100% silica amorphous powder
  • Recommended and used by professional pest controllers
  • Can be used anywhere where ants etc. appear in the house
  • Odourless

About MyrNIX

MyrNIX is effective against ants and other creepy crawlies indoors. It can be used anywhere where ants appear, e.g. in kitchens, larders, cellars, lofts, store rooms and other storage areas. MyrNIX is a purely natural product and is made from a very finely-ground, fossilised rock dust (diatomite/silica amorphous powder). The powder sticks to the ant's exoskeleton/wax layer and dries the pest out – so the pest cannot build up a resistance. Effective within 12-96 hours.


A thin layer (10-20 g/m²) where pests appear.

Registered insecticide

MyrNIX is supplied in a specially-adapted bottle with a sprinkling function in the cap and contains 150 grams (net).