Melts ice and snow down to -50°C

  • Perfect for when it's really cold
  • Fast-acting and can be used as a preventative
  • Long-lasting and very effective
  • Excellent dust-suppressant on gravel paths etc.

About isNIX

isNIX is a super-effective ice and snow melting agent that works right down to -50°C. isNIX works quickly and can be used as a preventative before snowfall, and also prevents refreezing. Besides melting snow and ice, isNIX is also ideal for suppressing dust on gravel paths, riding tracks, tennis courts etc. Can be spread easily and evenly.


Approx. 1 litre per 25 m². 2,5 litres are enough for approx. 65 m².

isNIX is supplied in 12 L and 5 L tubs and 2,5 L bottles with sprinkling function in the cap.