Melts ice and snow down to -10°C

  • Does not damage the surface
  • Kind to animal's paws
  • Does not leave salt flakes
  • Long-lasting, preventative effect
  • Can be used on most surfaces

About isiOFF

isiOFF melts ice and snow effectively down to -10°C. isiOFF does not damage the surface – asphalt, stone, concrete, wood, plastic and metals are not affected. isiOFF is kind to animals' paws and does not leave salt flakes on shoes, clothes, mats or floors. The product has a long preventative action (up to 3 days before snowfall) and lasts longer compared to normal salt. isiOFF has a slight blue tint so that it can be seen better when spreading on ice and snow.


0,2-0,5 litres per 10 m² depending on temperature and thickness of the ice. 2,5 litres are enough for approx. 50 m².

isiOFF is supplied in 12 L and 5 L tubs and 2,5 L bottles with sprinkling function in the cap.