Non-ionic wetting agent for green spaces

  • Reduces the surface tension of the spray solution
  • For treating dry patches and drainage
  • Prevents fungal infection in grass roots
  • Biodegradable

About Herbinass

Golfing greens are exposed to high levels of stress while the requirements for good quality are high. The green's quality is the result of scrupulous care involving fertilising, verticutting, mowing and watering. The "stimulated" lawn becomes prone to harmful fungi. Part of it is not visible in the grass as it forms a wax-like film around the roots and on the soil. The film is hydrophobic, i.e. water-repelling. Watering therefore doesn't benefit the grass, resulting in drought damage, which spreads extensively over the season. Herbinass boosts the grass's ability to absorb water and reduces the risk of drought damage and fungal infection.

Herbinass is a biodegradable non-ionic wetting agent that results in better watering, coverage and adhesion, enabling water to properly penetrate. Herbinass can be mixed with herbicides, fungicides and insecticides if the addition of a wetting agent is recommended on the product's label. Herbinass is non-foaming.


Mix Herbinass with the spray solution according to the instructions and dosages specified for the relevant biocidal product and application. 

Herbinass is supplied in 5 L PE-bottles.