Kind gritting agent for slippery surfaces

  • Natural product with no salt or chemicals
  • Kind to animal's paws
  • Safe on sheer ice
  • Easy to spread and doesn't discolour
  • Long-lasting and can be reused

About halkNIX

halkNIX anti-slip agent is an effective gritting agent for slippery surfaces which is kind to both the environment and animals' paws. halkNIX is a natural product which consists of small crushed granules of burnt and expanded clay – Leca® Lättklinker (light aggregate). It is easy to dose and spreads evenly. halkNIX does not discolour and is not harmful to plants, animals, concrete or drainage systems. 1 litre of halkNIX is enough for approx. 10 m².

halkNIX is supplied in 20 L tubs and 4 L bottles with sprinkling function in the cap.