GrönTrädgård Eco

KRAV-approved general purpose fertiliser for garden lawns and plants

  • Organic general purpose fertiliser for lawns, flower beds, plantations, hedges, bushes etc.
  • NPK 9-3-4 which strengthens grass and plants
  • Contains valuable micronutrients
  • Ideal summer and autumn fertiliser
  • Long-term effect

About GrönTrädgård Eco

GrönTrädgård Eco is a KRAV-approved, organic-based, general purpose fertiliser that works on lawns and other garden plants, as well as in the vegetable plot. GrönTrädgård Eco has a long-term effect thanks to its organic base, which means that the nutrients are secreted slowly, giving grass, plants and crops the right amount of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium) during growth. With simple care, you'll have a lovely green garden. Grass and plants stay healthy and strong so that they can withstand wear and the winter. Unlike artificial fertiliser, GrönTrädgård Eco contains valuable micronutrients. 10 kg is sufficient for approx. 250 m².

GrönTrädgård Eco is supplied in 10 kg bags.