Greenkeeping Gräsgödsel Mossa & Ogräs

  • Organic based fertiliser
  • Repels moss in the lawn
  • NPK 10-2-5+12 iron sulphate – as used by professionals
  • Makes lawn green, thick and strong
  • Long-term effect

About Greenkeeping Gräsgödsel Mossa & Ogräs

Fertilise like the professionals with Greenkeeping Gräsgödsel Mossa & Ogräs! This is an organic based grass fertiliser with iron sulphate which produces a healthy lawn and repels moss. For a thicker, deep green and wear-resistant lawn. The NPK ratio (nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium) in Greenkeeping Gräsgödsel Mossa & Ogräs is the same used on golf courses and by other green space professionals. The high nitrogen content encourages the grass to grow and the iron sulphate enriches the grass with nutrients. Greenkeeping Gräsgödsel Mossa & Ogräs has a long-term effect thanks to its organic base, which means that the nutrients are secreted slowly, giving the grass the right amount of NPK while it is growing. In this way, the grass stays healthy and strong so that it can withstand wear and the winter. The grass does not need to be cut so often compared to when artificial fertiliser is used. Unlike artificial fertiliser, Greenkeeping Gräsgödsel Mossa & Ogräs contains valuable micronutrients. 10 kg is sufficient for approx. 250 m².

Greenkeeping Gräsgödsel Mossa & Ogräs is supplied in 10 kg bags.