Healthy and lush green spaces

  • Unique iron-nitrogen-sulphur complex
  • Stimulates the grass with healthy, deep-green results
  • Combats and drives back moss
  • The grass is more resilient over winter
  • Long-term effect

About FerroGreen

FerroGreen is a unique iron-nitrogen-sulphur complex in which the iron is accessible, unlike many other iron products in which the iron is bound in almost non-soluble compounds where it oxidises. The grass is quickly stimulated with a deep-green result, whilst also repelling moss. FerroGreen is a powerful supplement for normal fertilising in spring, summer and autumn. FerroGreen can be used on golf courses, football pitches, other green spaces and for trees, bushes and ornamental plants. Treat plants while they're dry for best effects.


Green spaces:2-3 L FerroGreen per 1000 m². Use 25-100 L water per 1000 m².
Bushes:Leaf fertilisation: 150 ml FerroGreen to 10 L water. Root fertilisation: 125-250 ml (depending on the size of the bush) FerroGreen to 12 L water.
Trees:Leaf fertilisation: 200 ml FerroGreen to 10 L water. Root fertilisation: 125-150 ml FerroGreen per centimetre of the trunk's diameter, measured 1 m from the trunk.
Ornamental plants:Leaf fertilisation: 50 ml FerroGreen to 10 L water. Root fertilisation: 125-150 ml FerroGreen to 10 L water.

FerroGreen is supplied in 5 L and 25 L bottles and 120 L barrels.