Pesticide against crawling insect pests for professional users

  • Only for professional users
  • Pesticide against crawling insect pests suchas ants, bedbugs, and silverfish


Can be used wherever the pests occur, for example in warehouses, on terraces, in kitchens, larders and other storage spaces. Long-acting effect.


Scatter (10-20 g/m2) a thin layer in places where the pests occur or along the routes they use so that the insects cannot avoid coming into contact with VermiNIX. Particularly prone places may be along edges and skirting boards, underneath furniture/chests of drawers/cupboards, between paving stones etc. Depending on the extent of infestation and number of individuals, VermiNIX is effective within 12-96 hours. Leave the powder for up to 7 days, remove any troublesome product residues with a vacuum cleaner. Repeat the treatment again if necessary.

How VermiNIX works

VermiNIX consists of a very finely ground fossil rock dust (diatomite). The powder sticks to the pest’s external skeleton/wax layer and desiccates it. The insect’s naturally protective layer of wax is destroyed and the pest dies from desiccation. Best effectiveness is obtained when the product is dry. VermiNIX does not dissolve in water, but may clump together. The product’s effectiveness is restored when the water evaporates.


Avoid getting VermiNIX in the eyes. Rinse with plenty of water if contact with the eyes occurs. Contact a doctor if irritation persists. Avoid inhaling dust from the product. Ensure good ventilation. VermiNIX must not be dispersed freely in the air or next to bee colonies.

Registered insecticide

VermiNIX is supplied in a bottle that contains 500 grams (net). 

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