OgräsNIX Dubbel Effekt

Herbicide with double effect

  • Biodegradable
  • 2 dl / m²
  • Against both seed and root weeds
  • Effect within 3h

OgräsNIX Dubbel Effekt

OgräsNIX Dubbel Effekt kills weeds and other undesirable vegetation on hard surfaces (gravel, stone slabs, concrete, and asphalt). OgräsNIX Dubbel Effekt quickly penetrates the plant cells and the weeds die within a couple of hours after treatment. OgräsNIX Dubbel Effekt is powerful against both seed and root weeds and is biodegradable.


It's important to start early in the growing season, when the weeds root systems and seeds have not spread. The best effect is obtained in dry, sunny and windy weather with a medium-temperature above 8 ° C. Apply the product all over the weed plant down to the root by spot treatment with a hand sprayer. Spray volume may vary depending on the size of the weeds. Hold the sprayer near the weed plant to reduce wind drift. Repeat treatment as needed. Max 3 treatments / year.


Ca. 2 dl per m². 1-3 treatments per season or as needed. 5 litres OgräsNIX Dubbel Effekt is sufficient for approximately 25 m².

Precautions before use

Use herbicides with caution. Read the label before use. To avoid risks to human health and the environment, follow the instructions.

Registered herbicide

OgräsNIX Dubbel Effekt is delivered ready to use in 5 L bottles.