Tergent's history

Our story begins back in 1946, when Sören Brundin, father of our current MD, Tom Brundin, founded a chemical engineering factory in Gävle, which manufactured among other things the world's first liquid washing-up liquid, Clin. The company was called Clin AB.

Clin AB, which became a market leader in the Nordic countries, was sold in 1966 to the German chemicals group Henkel.


A consultancy company was started, Clinator AB, which then became Tergent AB. Clin was sold and the consultancy business moved to Helsingborg. The consultancy assignments were dominated by product development for agriculture, which turned later on into assignments for the American chemical company, Diversey, with international activities in hygiene products for hotels, restaurants, large-scale kitchens and suchlike.


Between 1970-1976 the consultancy business expanded and Sören Brundin took on a long-term role as MD to the Swedish subsidiary of the Danish pharmaceuticals company Alfred Benzon AS. Besides a large number of pharmaceuticals, Alfred Benzon AS was also responsible for the world's first sugarfree chewing gum (SorBits) as well as well-known brands such as Strepsils and Lakrisal.


In the years 1977 up until 1993, when Tom Brundin took over as MD, Tergent worked with assignments and consultancy work for chemical companies, the pharmaceutical industry and international oil companies in the Nordic region, the UK and Bahrain.


With Tom Brundin as MD, Tergent continued to supply environmentally-friendly and effective products to agriculture and a long-term and successful partnership began with professions working with green spaces. Trials with golf courses and discussions with green keepers resulted in further product development. Finland became our first major export market.


The first consumer products were produced, which accelerated the rate of product development. We signed agreements with our first private label customers and developed products together with our partners. Tergent registered a biocide to kill moss in lawns, both as a solid and liquid product. We developed weed killer with dual effect. During this time we introduced spreader nozzles which connect directly to hose pipes, resulting in an entirely new way of using products to care for gardens and buildings.


The regulatory requirements for chemicals were tightened up and Tergent decided to invest! The already high levels of expertise were developed and expanded so we were fully equipped when the European REACH Regulation was introduced in June 2007 and we also carried out extensive preparations ahead of the new Biocidal Directive. Tergent registered more products, including pesticides and weed killers, and we made further registrations in other Nordic countries and in the Baltic region.

2012 -

Tergent entered into a close cooperation with and became part-owner of a pesticide research company based in Lund. Consumer products developed by Tergent can now be found in most garden and commodity chains across Sweden.

Work has started on registrations in line with the new EU regulations on plant protection.

Since the mid-90s, Tergent has developed a large number of products for Agriculture, Green Spaces and Country Homes & Gardens. We are responsible for several strong brands, both our own and those of our private label customers, and development is continuing at a fast rate.

In short: "50 years of innovation – and still going strong".