Expertise and product development

Agricultural chemistry is our roots

The stringent requirements of farmers for the earth to produce crops and consumers' expectations of top-quality cultivated products, have formed the solid ground on which Tergent stands. Together with the profession that farms our soil, cultivates the land for food production and keeps our landscape open and beautiful, we have produced products for optimum growing results, more prosperous harvests and healthy soil for more than half a century.

Innovation with care for the environment

Based on our thorough knowledge of agricultural chemistry, we continue to develop products that produce the desired effect, maintain a high quality and are in keeping with a long-term sustainable perspective. We continuously develop products for professional use and for consumers, fully aware that our environment must be kept healthy and strong for many generations to come. We produce packaging that optimises the dosage of the chemical contents, therefore reducing waste, and we keep abreast of current and future legislation. We also keep up to date with the latest research findings in the areas we work in.

Regulatory expertise, today and tomorrow

Tergent is always at the forefront in matters regarding agricultural and horticultural chemistry as well as pending regulatory requirements. For us, it is very important that our products are effective and do what we promise. It is equally as important that our products are sustainable from an ecological and economic perspective, that they are safe and that they also comply with future requirements.

Our products – your brand

Sound and innovative product development ensures effective and attractive products. The regulations governing chemical products for gardens, green spaces and agriculture are extensive and strict. And we're fully versed! As such, we can help you produce products that you can sell under your own brand name with the peace of mind that they are approved and effective. We provide you with the key to marketing registered products in the right way within the law. Peace of mind for our partners.