Tergent is an innovative company that has developed products for many years according to the needs of the market. At the start of the 70s the company engaged in extensive and fruitful partnerships with agriculture. There were strict requirements for sustainable products of the highest quality, but which also produced the best results and were kind to the environment.


These requirements have since been the basis for all our activities. Together with innovators in agriculture and other professional markets – golf courses, parks, sports facilities, real estate companies and more – we have continuously developed our products over the years and found new solutions. Since our products have had excellent results for professional users, we have also produced a user-friendly range for Country Homes & Gardens. Our motto is to increase the value for the user while also producing good results and savings in time and money.

Our focus areas

We have a high level of expertise in these areas and we're proud to be able to offer effective products that protect the environment and are approved according to the applicable regulations:

  • Lawns and plants
  • Weeds
  • Outdoor cleaning
  • Pests
  • Slippery surfaces


Our policy is to always develop products for a sustainable environment. We are always working to raise the environmental awareness of our personnel, suppliers, partners and customers.