OgräsNIX DE Plus

Weed killer with dual effect

  • Fast-acting, effective and long-lasting herbicide for weeds
  • Kills both plant and root unlike common herbicides
  • Less impact on the environment

About OgräsNIX Dubbel Effekt Plus

OgräsNIX DE Plus is a herbicide that quickly and effectively fights weeds and other undesirable vegetation on hardened surfaces (gravel pitches, paving stones, concrete, asphalt) in gardens and public spaces. The dual effect means that both the plant and root are killed, unlike common herbicide that only kills the plant. OgräsNIX DE Plus produces even better results and less impact on the environment than a traditional herbicide, thanks to special additives that make it extra effective. OgräsNIX DE Plus penetrates the plant's cells and kills the weed within a couple of hours of treating. With repeated treatments OgräsNIX DE Plus can also prevent small, cursory roots from continuing to grow and new seeds from sprouting. OgräsNIX DE Plus quickly breaks down into carbon dioxide and water. Used with a manual spray, back spray, spray bottle or watering can with rose.


Approx. 20-100 ml per m². 5 litres are enough for approx. 50-200 m², depending on the height and density of the weeds.

Registered herbicide

OgräsNIX DE Plus is supplied ready-mixed in 5 L bottles.