ManGent 235

Liquid manganese nitrate

  • Powerful supplement for manganese deficiency
  • Mixes well with most plant protection products
  • Produces 235 grams of manganese per litre

About ManGent 235

ManGent 235 is used in agriculture, gardens and lawns. Plants use manganese for photosynthesis and the production of chlorophyll. Manganese deficiency is common in chalky soil, peaty soil and dusty soil with a high pH and when the soil is loose. Manganese nitrate can be used for potatoes, oil-yielding plants, peas, pastures and other crops in which manganese deficiency can occur.


1 l/ha – preventative
2-3 l/ha – in cases of deficiency
Sugar beets:
1,25-2 l/ha – at 4-6 leaf stage
2-2,5 l/ha – at 10-12 leaf stage

ManGent 235 i supplied in 10 L bottles and 1000 L containers.