FerroGent Granulat

Iron sulphate in granulated form

  • Strengthens grass, making it resistant to disease
  • Grass quickly turns dark green in colour
  • Encourages grass types with finer blades
  • Prevents and corrects iron deficiency (iron chlorosis etc.)
  • Easy to spread

About FerroGent Granulat

FerroGent Granulat is a granulated iron sulphate for plantations and green spaces. Iron sulphate makes the grass stronger, greener and more resistant to disease. FerroGent Granulat encourages grass types with finer blades. The product is easy to spread thanks to its granulated form.


Lawns and green spaces after mowing: 20-40 g/m².
Note! The dosage is not suitable for all sorts of iron sulphate, only for FerroGent Granulat!
Blue hydrangeas: 30 g per plant.

Prevent iron chlorosis:

  • Rose bushes: 15-20 g per plant, spread from stem and at least 20 cm outwards.
  • Ornamental plants: 40 g per plant, spread from stem and at least as wide as the branches.

FerroGent Granulat is supplied in 15 kg plastic bags.